#TeamCat Giveaway for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday approaches, and I’ve got a fun #TeamCat Giveaway for your Big Game Day,
whether for you that means the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl  – or just playing with a ball with your own furry team.  ; )

You Know You Want One

Unless you’re new to this blog, you already know that The Lucy Pet Foundation has created one of the best ‘Bowl” commercials this year: The Lucy Bowl. Already one of the most talked about ‘Bowl’ commercials, it’s being widely covered everywhere via the Associated Press, SuperBowl -Commercials.org, Dog Channel, Catster, The Anipal Times, and dozens of awesome pet blogs. The Lucy Bowl commercial will air on Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1st, 2015, but I have it for you right here.

Watch the full Lucy Pet Foundation ‘The Lucy Bowl” Commercial Here Now!

Already at 26,600 view, up from 6700 views yesterday afternoon, we’re asking for your help in making  this great ad with a strong message about pet overpopulation to go viral, raising awareness of  the 80,000 pets that are euthanized due to pet overpopulation every week in the U.S. – and to raise donations for The Lucy Pet Foundation to carry out their mission of providing nation-wide free mobile spay/neuter clinics, education, grooming, and training to make shelter pets more adoptable, to address the problem. Please share this video every which way you can to help Lucy help millions of pets!

TeamCat Rickey

 Please follow the Lucy Pet Foundation on their social media accounts: @LucyPetFdn on Twitter, Pinstagram and  Instagram, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/LucyPetFoundation.

 Let’s get to the #TeamCat Giveaway for Super Bowl Sunday!

TeamCat contest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lucy Pet Foundation Commercial Teaser

We’ve finally got you a teaser of the Lucy Pet Foundation Commercial!  Here’s a preview of #TheLucyBowl’s #DogsVsCats football game to give you a hint of what the full version will look like. You can watch the full version when the commercial airs during the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel on Feb. 1, 2015.

This groundbreaking Bowl Commercial may not be shown on the Super Bowl, but it is being touted as the coolest, most technologically advanced, & most societally important commercial ever, drawing attention to pet overpopulation and how we can help.

How can you help?

Your sharing of this video – and the full video later – will help Lucy help pets in a big way. You can share by email, on your blog, on all your social media accounts and with your groups. Please also watch, like and comment about the teaser, if you’re so inclined.

We’re hoping the full commercial, after it airs, will go viral and change the way America thinks about pets.

lucy pet foundation

Jack the Quarterback – Rescued from L.A. County’s East Valley Animal Shelter for this project!

For info on how your pet can represent #TeamCat or #TeamDog in Lucy Pet Foundation’s current photo contest to spread the word, and possibly win an iPad Mini, read my last post: Help Pet Overpopulation With A Photo.

There’s also info at the bottom of that post about the Lucy Pet Foundation Blogger Campaign – and my campaign disclosure.

Thank you!

Kristin and Balzac
Go #TeamCat!

Help End Pet Overpopulation With A Photo

Forgive me for talking so much about the Lucy Pet Foundation this month, but when you can help end pet overpopulation with a photo or a video, you’ve just got to do it, right? And you might win an iPad Mini or other prizes, to boot…

So this is my Blog The Change For Animals post: How to enter to win an iPad Mini while you help promote the Lucy Pet Foundation’s big ‘Dogs vs Cats’ #TheLucyBowl football game commercial on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 1, 2015), during the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel. The commercial has a strong spay/neuter message and will hopefully raise awareness of the importance of addressing the issue of pet overpopulation in the U.S. once and for all – now! A video of the commercial will be released after it airs, to be shared on social media everywhere.

Please enter this contest and share with your friends and followers, watch for the Lucy Pet Foundation commercial, and share it when it comes out on video!

Help End Pet Overpopulation With A Photo

Click above for info on how to enter the contest, or just read below.  ; )

First, Take a Photo

Take a photo of your pet(s) with a #TeamDog or #TeamCat sign.



Follow LucyPetFoundation on Facebook. Post your pet’s photo (with a #TeamDog or #TeamCat sign) to your Facebook page, along with the following message: “The biggest Bowl commercial this year may be #TheLucyBowl on Kitten Bowl!”

Add the hashtag #TeamDog or #TeamCat and type in @lucypetfoundation on your Facebook post, to tag it.

Example: The biggest Bowl commercial this year may be #TheLucyBowl on Kitten Bowl! #TeamDog @lucypetfoundation

EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY by making your #TeamDog or #TeamCat photo your profile pic!



Follow @LUCYPETFDN on Twitter or Instagram.

Post your pet’s photo (with a #TeamDog or #TeamCat sign) to your Twitter or Instagram account, along with the following message: “The biggest Bowl commercial this year may be #TheLucyBowl on Kitten Bowl!”

Add the #TeamDog or #TeamCat and @LUCYPETFDN.

Example: The biggest Bowl commercial this year may be #TheLucyBowl on Kitten Bowl! #TeamCat @LucyPetFdn

EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY by making your #TeamDog or #TeamCat photo your profile pic!

Contest ends February 1st , 2015 at 12:00pm PST. Digital manipulation of photos is permitted. You may enter once per day per social media platform.


Terms and Conditions:

Contest ends February 1st, 2015 at 12:00pm PST. Winners will be announced at lucypetfoundation.org and on Lucy Pet Foundation’s social media platforms on Feb. 1, 2015. We will attempt to notify winners in the manner in which they entered, however, winners are responsible for checking the website to see if they’ve won, and have 24 hours to respond to contest@lucypetfoundation.org with the subject #TheLucyBowl Winner, or the prize(s) will be awarded to other entries. Winners will be chosen by Random.org. One entry per day per social media account. Entrants must be 18 or older. International entries are accepted. Avoid where prohibited by law. Prizes: 2 winners will receive an Apple iPad mini 16GB, SRV: $249 and a #TeamDog or #TeamCat pet jersey. 4 additional winners will receive #TeamDog or #TeamCat sports packs: Pet jerseys and misc #TeamDog or #TeamCat fan items. By entering the contest, entrants are giving permission for the photos to be used in any manner to promote The Lucy Pet Foundation.


Disclosure: I am currently working for The Lucy Pet Foundation, managing their blogger outreach and assisting with their social media campaign. I am being compensated; however, I’m also putting in *a lot* of volunteer hours because I believe in this project and in the Lucy Pet Foundation’s mission and goals. If you’d like to join our blogger campaign and be entered into a drawing for a $500 donation to the pet rescue of your choice, contact me at bloggers at lucypetfoundation dot org.

My Vet Is An Alien

my vet is an alien

What the…?

She just probed me and implanted me with something!
I’m not even kidding.

I think my vet is an alien.


#TeamCat Black n White Sunday


I’m taking #TEAMCAT to Black n White Sunday!

I’m working with the Lucy Pet Foundation on their new #TheLucyBowl #DogsVsCats contest. To enter, post a photo of your pet with a #TeamDog or #TeamCat sign on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,  kind of like the ‘dog shaming’ meme in this pic*:


You’ll also need to add a blurb in the text of your post about Lucy’s big commercial during Kitten Bowl. Full rules & terms at lucypetfoundation.org.

These dogs, above, had the right idea about making it simple. I thought I’d share how I got to my final photo of Balzac and his #TeamCat sign.


First, I made a little #TeamCat sign for him to wear. Cute right?
I’d wear that!


Then all I needed to do was put it around his neck and take a photo.


What the?


I could chew on this.



He really hated that pic, so I went with this one instead. MOL
(But I’m using the color one for my social media posts.)


Your pet can help spread Lucy Pet Foundation’s buzz about their important commercial during Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl on Feb. 1st, 2015, and help end pet overpopulation. You could win an iPad Mini and/or #TeamDog or #TeamCat pet jerseys and sports packs. Enter today and REPRESENT!  Click here to enter: LucyPetFoundation.Org

NOTE TO BLOGGERS:  Qualifying participants in the Lucy Pet Foundation‘s current blogger campaign, promoting their upcoming commercial during the Kitten Bowl, and the importance of spay/neuter in stopping pet overpopulation, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $500 towards a 501c3 rescue of their choice. If you are a blogger interested in spreading the word about this campaign, possibly winning a donation for your favorite rescue, contact bloggers@lucypetfoundation.org and request more information.

*”Dog shaming” Photo Credit: Pretty Poo Eater – Flickr: Shameful Dogs. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Cokie’s 2015 Pet Blogger Challenge

Pet Blogger Challenge

This is the Fifth Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by pet travel website GoPetFriendly.com, and my first year participating. At the beginning of each year, Pet Blogger Challenge participants answer a list of questions encouraging both retrospection and looking ahead at where we’re going.

Let’s do this thing!

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone stopping by for the first time, please give us a quick description of what your blog is about.

Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider began in January of 2010, as an outlet for the massive personality of my wonderful Ragdoll cat, Cokie, and to help and encourage other people with special needs pets. You can read more about Cokie’s issues on the Cokie’s Story page.

Cokie the cat

Cokie the Cat

2. Tell us one thing that you accomplished on your blog during 2014 that made you proud.

2014 has been a tough blogging year for me, with Cokie passing on in October 2013, at 19, us looking and trying to gather the emotional strength to rescue a new cat, and the cat we eventually did foster/fail had serious issues we needed to work with. At the same time I was both working a lot and in a tremendous amount of shoulder nerve pain for a very long time. I launched PetFriendlyHollywood.com, but just haven’t given it any love yet. I need to fix that.

pet friendly hollywood

The 2014 blog post I’m most proud of is “Introducing Balzac!” This was also my most popular post, so this takes care of Question 5., too. (5. What was your most popular blog post this year? Did it surprise you that it was your most popular?)

It took us eight months to get over losing Cokie – at least enough to actually bring home a new kitty. This was also my most popular post of the year. People loved that we got a new kitty, everyone knowing how special our Cokie had been, and they were all very excited for us and our foster fail. That didn’t surprise us. ; )


Balzac the Cat: Foster Fail!

3. What lessons have you learned this year – from other blogs, or through your own experience – that could help us all with our own blogs?

My blog tends to be a great deal of personal experiences that people can relate to, comment on, or remember when a similar situation comes up with them or someone they know… For example, the rest of Balzac’s story has yet to be blogged. We did bring a him home, just to foster, but he immediately had his own ‘special issues’ we had to deal, from being taken away too young from his mother, to a terrible neutering complication. (I know…) Once we realized all we were in for with this sweet kitty, Michael said it was a sign he was meant to be our cat.  ; ) I still have to blog about all the tips and tricks we’ve used and learned about bringing home a new kitty, protecting the house and furniture, dealing with play aggression, and helping him learn to trust the humans who took him from his sweet mama (who had to give him up) to a torture chamber (from his point of view), then imprisoned in a bathroom with a cone on his head for 2 months on pain medicine.  But you know what? We took him in. We made him our responsiblity, and we’re all getting it together now…

I’ve also learned that when I’m overwhelmed in life, I can let the blog go. When I come back, my readers are still there. My life is becoming more balanced, with fewer health issues, so I should be posting more regularly. Regardless, I’m not going to feel guilty or lose sleep if I don’t post as regularly as I might like to.

4. What have you found to be the most successful way to bring traffic to your blog, other than by writing great content?

Contests and giveaways usually drive a lot of traffic to my blog, and I love giving people presents, so it’s all good by me! I’ll be talking about the Lucy Pet Foundation‘s new contest in the next post, where people will be posting pics of their pets with #TeamDog or #TeamCat signs (Like those ‘dog shaming’ pics) to win iPad Minis and #TeamDog and #TeamCat sports fan packs, and promote Lucy Pet Foundation’s big “TheLucyBowl” commercial during Kitten Bowl on Hallmark on Feb. 1, bringing attention to the importance of Spay/Neuter. Information is at Lucypetfoundation.org for now but  you’ll get it here too, soon.




6. What was your favorite blog post to write this year?

My favorite blog post to write this year was “A Year…” It was the one year anniversary of Cokie’s passing, Balzac was beginning to settle in, and I felt like I was doing pretty well with moving on. A lot of friends posted lovely comments, and it was just sort of healing.

Goodnight Sweet Prince =^..^=

Cokie and his beloved catnip tomato

7. Has your policy on product reviews and/or giveaways changed this year?

I didn’t do any product giveaways or reviews this year, but when I do, unless I have a very special place in my heart for the product or organization, I’m compensated in one way or another.  Sometimes I approach people because I want to review a product or service for my readers, in which case there may or may not be some kind of compensation.

I try not to do reviews for things I’m not in love with, because if my heart’s not in it, it’s going to show, and if I’m not bowled over by something, chances are my readers won’t be either. If I agree to review a product but I don’t like it, I don’t publish the review. Unless I have a very good reason, I don’t publish bad reviews.

8. What’s your best piece of advice for other bloggers?

Write about what you’re passionate about and learn as much as you can about your topics – and the business of blogging. I can’t recommend BlogPaws highly enough – their website, community and conferences. Invest in your blog and it will pay you back. Eventually. Hopefully. It definitely will, if you’re doing what you love – if nothing else, it’s a great hobby that connects you to wonderful people and helps you make the world better. Nothing wrong with that. And use social media! Get out there and mingle with your readers online. They’re more likely to read you and recommend you if they know you.

pet blogger

9. What goals do you have for your blog in 2015?

This Pet Blogger Challenge  just made me get to work on some of my goals for my blog in 2015: I finally revised my About Cokie page – with Cokie in the past tense. That was tough, but I did it tonight. I found that most of my old links were still broken from the move from Blogger to WordPress, and fixed some of those. I need to go back and check all the rest of my blog post links and fix the broken ones.

Other than that, I want to more actively promote my favorite local rescues, Hope for Paws and Kitty Bungalow, continue to provide encouragement to people with – or considering – special needs pets, and get Balzac more involved with the blog.

10. If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with one challenge you’re having with your blog, what would it be?

WordPress! If I could take a 30 minute WordPress video course once I week, I would totally make the time for that! Anyone know of such a thing?

Thank you Amy and Go Pet Friendly for hosting this Pet Blogger Challenge. It was challenging! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts. If anyone else would like to participate, the instructions are here: It’s The 2015 Pet Blogger Challenge!



The Lucy Bowl #DogsVsCats Contest

Hello friends, I’m going to tell you about The Lucy Bowl #DogsVsCats contest in a second…

But first, I hope you’ve all had more blessings than blastings this year, and wish you all the best of health and prosperity in the new year!

It’s been different with Cokie gone, but we’re gearing back up and getting ready for 2015, with the new guy – Sundubu Balzac Toothless Enzo Furrari Allen! Baggins (aka Kitty) – taking over the show, as best he can. He’s not Cokie, but he is adorable.

lucy bowl sundubu


Right now, I’m working for the Lucy Pet Foundation, helping them with their current campaign – which includes contests and a big #DogsVsCats football game commercial during The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel (the same day as The Super Bowl – Feb. 1, 2015), that includes an important message that we hope will really spark a country-wide conversation about the shelter system and population control.

Four winners will receive iPad Minis, #TeamDog or #TeamCat pet jerseys AND an appearance for their pets in this national commercial through the magic of CGI! (You don’t have to send them anywhere, they’ll use your photo to make it appear as though your pet is there!)

You should totally enter! You have to hurry though. This contest ends at 11:59pm PST on Friday, January 2! I’ll be talking more The Lucy Foundation and this campaign soon, but enter now! =^..^=

The Lucy Bowl

It’s super cool, and easy to enter. Just take a pic of your dog or cat dressed up as if they were going to a football game – with a solid background. Then post your pet pic with “We want to go to The Lucy Bowl!” and tag #thelucybowl. You can enter on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by email – once per account per day.

(TIP:  Our hack for a solid background, below, probably isn’t the best way to enter. It’s probably better to take a photo of your pet with with a sheet under and behind your pet!)

Sundubu lucy bowl

We want to go to The Lucy Bowl! #TheLucyBowl @lucypetfdn

For Twitter: Post your pet pic with “We want to go to The Lucy Bowl!” and add the hashtag #TheLucyBowl and @LucyPetFdn.

For Facebook: Post your pet pic with “We want to go to The Lucy Bowl!” with the hashtag #TheLucyBowl, and tag the Lucy Pet Foundation’s FB page.

For Instagram: Post your pet pic with “We want to go to The Lucy Bowl!” and tag the Lucy Pet Foundation’s Instagram account: @LucyPetFdn.

You can even enter by email. Just send your pet pic with “We want to go to The Lucy Bowl!” to Contest@LucyPetFoundation.org.

More details & Terms and Conditions are on the contest page on The Lucy Foundation’s website.

If you’re interested in blogging about the Lucy Pet Foundation and this campaign, email bloggers@lucypetfoundation.org, for more info, graphics, videos and interview opportunities – and a special private contest just for bloggers!

Love you guys!


A Year…

A year  Cokie the Cat

My Sweet Cokie the Cat

It’s been a year since Cokie went over the Rainbow Bridge. It still feels like he’s here. I guess because he is and always will be. I’ve lost beloved pets before, but this was the hardest.

And I feel even more for other people who miss their pets. The longer I’m online, the more friends I’ve watched and tried with what little a tweet or an email or pitching in on a gift can do to help ease their heartache…

It does help to know that people do understand. And I thank you all who’ve been with Cokie and I on our Internet journey for your love and your understanding.

Special thanks, as always, to my friend and Cokie’s best pal – Michele and PepiSmartDog, who posted yesterday (which is today, Australian time) about Cokie’s Rainbow Bridge Anniversary.

Meanwhile, our new little guy Balzac is doing great. He’s full of crazy teen spirit and drives us nuts half the time, after so long with a senior man cat. He is more frequently exhibiting bouts of snuggliness though, which are encouraging and ever so comforting!

A Year Balzac

Balzac has good taste in books. (A calm moment)

A year Balzac

Or maybe books just taste good.  (“Calm? I’d better attack this thing!”)


Anyway, it’s a bittersweet week for us, but we’ve noticed that, especially with a young boy cat around, we’re remembering more and more of young, flamboyant, energetic Cokie, than of his later years, and that makes us smile. Of course we loved every one of those years, pants or no pants.


Thank you for visiting.

Love, Kristin ~ and Balzac


Last Chance Deal for Tonite’s L.A. CATbaret

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for tonight’s star-studded musical CATbaret fundraiser for L.A.’s Kitty Bungalow, here’s your last chance – and a great deal, to boot! Saturday, August 9th, 6pm.


Head over to our sister site: PetFriendlyHollywood.com for the code for $15 off tickets PLUS free VIP After Party tickets – INCLUDING *hosted bar* dessert buffet, gift bags and celebrity shoulder rubbing.  ; )  This saves you $55 each! But go now before it sells out!!


The GORGEOUS Belasco Theater, Downtown L.A.

But wait – there’s more! LIL BUB will be there, too!! ‘Nuff said??


See you there!


Wordless Wednesday: Balzac the Cat

wordless wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Balzac the Cat