Our Movie! Celeste & Jesse Forever

Mom and Dad worked on the Rashida Jones/Andy Samberg movie, “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” last year. It opened nationwide in the US Friday, so you can all go see it now!


Mom and Dad are Location Managers, so they’re the ones who scout/photograph/find the filming locations, then handle all the logistics required to actually film there. Here’s a great Wiki description of what they do: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Location_manager and here’s Mom’s Location Manager website.

Mom at work on a studio back lot
OK… 15 years ago! ;

It’s getting great reviews – Rolling Stone and Roger Ebert loved it. It’s rated R, so it’s not for the kids, but we think it’s really great.

Rashida Jones is from the Parks and Rec TV series (and the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton from Mod Squad), and Andy Samberg is from Saturday Night Live. Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings) and Emma Roberts (Hotel for Dogs!) are in it, too. And they shot for two days at Mom’s dad’s house, too, so his house is in it.

Mom’s dad & Rashida Jones
‘Celeste & Jesse Forever ‘ – Filming at his house in L.A.

Let me know what you think!!



  1. That looks like a pretty exciting job your mom and dad have.

  2. Looks like a great movie, we’ll have to see it now! Thanks Cokie!

  3. Cokie the Cat says:

    Yeah, it’s exciting, Bongo. Sometimes too exciting! And sometimes I don’t see ‘em for 18 hours a day. : \ But every day is different!


  4. Cokie the Cat says:

    Awesome Prudence! Can’t wait to see if you like it! Jinny’s mom saw it and loved it!


  5. That is so cool! We will have to go see it!

  6. That does sound like a pretty interesting job, and the movie looks great! Do you ever work as an extra?