Bo Ho Ho!

I love this video of Bo, the First Dog,
inspecting The White House decorations
before the holiday tours begin.

My apartment decorations aren’t quite as elaborate.
Note to Mom: Thanksgiving’s over.
Lose the pumpkins.

90,000 White House visitors are expected this season.
Have any of you ever toured The White House??



  1. I wish there was a kitty in the White House to CLIMB that awesome tree!

  2. Thank you for the MUCH needed smile :) This made my day!

  3. I have actually toured the White House. It was our 8th grade field trip, many, many years ago. :-) But it wasn’t a holiday tour and there was no Bo in the WH. ;-)

  4. sue brandes says:

    That was so cute.

  5. Nancy Black says:

    What a delightful video. It brings the Christmas Spirit to all! Bo needs a kitty to keep him on his

  6. Love this video, what a wonderful way to show the decorations via paws! Wish they would do a Christmas ornament of Bo. I always get a WH ornament each year for the tree.

  7. Such a fun and fab video! Such a great cuddly dog … BoMania! Yes, we’ve toured the White House and t’was really awesome cause it was “behind the scenes” as a very dear friend was on staff there at the time. But sadly, Bo had not yet moved in …


  1. […] I love this video of Bo, the First Dog,inspecting The White House decorations before the holiday tours begin.  […]