Why you should adopt a pet from a shelter

If you are thinking about getting a pet, you probably encounter a known dilemma: should you buy it from a breeder or store, or you should adopt it from the shelter. While buying a dog or a cat can have certain benefits, adopting one from the shelter is an act of kindness above all, and it has plenty of positive results for you, the animal you adopt and your family.

Animals end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. Many of them were found in the street and brought to a shelter by Animal rescue or individuals who found them.

86536922It often happens that you find even animals of a certain breed or even with pedigree, because they were bought as puppies and then their owners simply got tired of keeping an animal. It also often happens that animals are taken to the shelter because of the family circumstances, such as death of the owner, a divorce or a newborn. Whatever the reason may be, there are plenty of cats and dogs out there waiting for someone to take care of them. When you adopt an animal from the shelter, first of all, you are saving a life. Many dogs and cats get euthanized even if they do not have health issues because there is simply no room for all the animals arriving to the shelter. By adopting an animal from the shelter, you give it a second chance, which it certainly deserves.
When you save an animal’s life, it certainly knows how to appreciate it and show gratitude. By adopting a shelter animal, you will have a pet which will show you lots of love and make you happier. There is also a benefit for children when you adopt a pet, because this way they will not only have a loving four-legged friend, but they will also learn the value of kindness.

Many animals left in shelters are even house-trained, so you do not need to teach them everything from scratch – especially what to do when the nature calls. The animals you save from shelters are also usually spayed or neutered and vaccinated, so you do not have to worry about that either.
CSuSeQkXAAA8PMeThe last advantage we will mention is that by adopting an animal from the shelter you will not only save life, but you will also save money. It is free to adopt an animal from the shelter, while for buying it from a breeder you should be ready to pay at least a few hundred dollars. Also, if you really want a dog or a cat of a certain type, it is more than possible to find one in the shelter, since many people leave them in shelters for a variety of reasons. However, the breed should not be your primal concern when choosing your pet. You should in a way allow the animal to choose you and go for the animal you “connect” with, because this way you will get a pet with whom you will be able to share love and lots of great moments.