How you can help stray animals in winter

Life of stray animals is difficult as is, and in the areas of cold winters, it becomes even more difficult when winter arrives. Due to the cold and harsh weather conditions, many stray cats and dogs are left without food, water, and they often freeze to death. Even if you are an animal lover, you are aware of the fact that you cannot provide shelter for all the animals out there in the streets. However, there still are things you can do in case you find a stray animal in the street, and they require nothing but some love and good will.
www.tvn.hu_2db36b8372b04026091db040816a523dCall it in – every city should have local authorities that deal with stray cats and dogs. The first thing you should do when you find a stray animal is call the case in, and the animal service will take the animal to the shelter. Depending on the country, these animals are sometimes just checked by a vet, neutered, vaccinated and released, which still does not help them in harsh conditions. In such cases, you can take the animal to the vet for a checkup and then inform the local shelter about the animal, or you can take the animal to the shelter yourself.
Make shelters – in case you are not able to bring the animal home, you should not feel desperate. You can easily make shelters for them where they can sleep and feel warm even while they are in the street. You will need a thick cardboard box which you will line with straw or Styrofoam. Then, you need to cover it with thick nylon which you will firmly attach to the box. A shelter made this way keeps the animal warm and protects it from the snow, rain and wind.

If you want, you can also add an old blanket or sweater in the box, but make sure never to leave them blankets without the shelter, because they will only get wet and be of no use.

Food – if you feed stray animals during other season, you should just keep doing so in the winter. However, in winter months you should avoid wet and canned food, because it is likely to freeze. Use dry food instead, because it will stay in proper condition no matter the weather conditions. Make sure to leave food in a plastic container and in a place hidden from rain or snow, in order for food to stay clean and not to get wet – because of freezing.
Water – people often leave water for stray animals during summer months, since the temperatures are high and everyone’s thirsty. However, due to low temperatures in winter, water freezes and animals have no access to it during colder months. Keep this in mind, and if you leave water for stray animals, always try to do it in a place hidden from cold, if it is possible. Check the water supply regularly and change the water in case it freezes.