How to help a stray animal you find in the street

It has probably happened to you to drive a car or take a walk and see a stray cat or dog on the side of the road. If you have the need to help the animal and do not what to do, you can read the guidelines we will give you in this article. They will help you help the animal without endangering either the animal or yourself.

Friendicoes-puppy-520x330First of all, think about safety. If you are in a car, give a signal and pull over in order not to disturb the traffic. Approach the animal with caution, because if it is injured or scared it may act unpredictably. Animals have “flight or fight” response to the situations in which they feel endangered, which means that they will either run or attack. By approaching the animal with carte you avoid the risk of being scratched or bitten. Move slowly towards the animal and talk calmly to it. Lure her by a food with strong smell (such as fish or liver) and do not touch the animal when it approaches, but rather give it some space. If you have a cat or dog carrier, you should try luring the animal into it. If not, you can use a leash or a piece of cloth to restrain the animal. If you feel unsafe or uneasy to restrain it, or you do not have the necessary items, you can call the Animal Service for help.

When and if you are able to take the animal with you, the next step is to take it to safety.

adespota1Basically, you have two options. If you do not want to keep the animal, you can take it to the nearest shelter. The animal will be taken care of at the shelter and they will provide it with food, water and care of a veterinarian. They will also check whether the animal has the owner, by either looking for a microchip or providing the animal’s description to the appropriate agency. The other option is that you want to keep the animal and take it home. In that case, your first stop should be the vet. He will check the animal’s behavior and medical condition, determine whether the animal is suitable for adoption and for life with people and other animals. Also, if the animal already has the owner, it will have the microchip which the vet can scan and find out the owner’s name.
If you plan to save animals, or you have tried it before but did not have the appropriate items with you, make sure to adequately prepare. There is a kit you can keep in your car and use it when you find a stray animal you want to help. You should always have with you a cat carrier or a cardboard box or cats, a collar and a leash for dogs, a blanket, clean bowls, water, food with strong smell and a first-aid kit for animals. It does not take much investment to save an animal, all it takes is a kind heart and some will.

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