Gangnam Style

By now you must have seen the Gangnam Style dance videos, or spoofs of Gangnam Style dancing…

Put Nathan the hairless Chinese crested dancing his tail off to Gangnam Style and I dare you not to laugh. Especially if you know how much Nathan’s moves actually look like Gangnam Style moves.  MOL!

Nathan’s got a good reason to be so happy, too. He was being fostered through the Bald is Beautiful Hairless & Small Dog Rescue, but he got along so well with is dog and human foster family, that they decided to keep him forever! Congratulations, everybody!

They have more pups who need homes, too, so go give ‘em some love at, on Twitter @BisBRescue and on Facebook.

Who doesn’t like dancing pet videos? Srsly? I used to do a mean ‘jump to the side on my hind legs with my paws in the air like I just don’t care’ move whenever Mom would dance or exercise… but that was before humans had a video records permantly attached to their hands.

It looked sort of  like this, but a lot cuter:

Do you have videos of your pets dancing?? Show us your links!!